Posted: March 29, 2015

The range of wines here has improved dramatically . Stunning deals exist too . Right now we are in buy 6 get 25% off. Unusually, this applies to wine already on promotion. Yesterday we tried a Canadian Cabernet which had been £16 but was half price. Deduct the bulk discount and it was £6 and delicious .
You can get a 50 Cl Montepulciano for £2-99 ( £2-25 in bulk offer ) . You cannot make it for that price . Go look .
Thanks to Clare de Courcy Ling for the tip off.
Best value for Easter consumption is 2012 Lalande de Pomerol. Classy Bordeaux . Telegraph mag today rates Gillet Bordeaux as tipped by Sean Jones and myself at Christmas (£7-50 ) . 

Source: Dominic Regan

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