We offer apprenticeships in legal services, legal/ business administration, and customer service.

At Dominic Regan Training Ltd, we deliver high quality workplace vocational training and learning and skills development. We offer a full range of sector specific government-funded apprenticeships for the law and business sectors. In the legal sector, this top-up or professional development is an alternative to the more traditional academic training.

Dominic Regan Training Ltd works closely with national industry sector standard bodies which, with a focus on regional and local priorities, reflect government strategies for continuing development of the professional workforce. Our training programmes are bespoke and tailor-made to suit employee and employer professional development needs.

As sector specialists, we understand law and business professional development training. We are well-placed to deliver best-in-class apprenticeships which incorporate all of the technical and professional skills and the underpinning theoretical knowledge which is now required for employees to realise their full potential.

Our team of professional learning and skills educationalists are all practitioners in either law or business. The team is led by some of the leading specialists in the country including Professor Dominic Regan, who is a national professional practitioner and keynote speaker in the law sector.

We work closely with our partners, East Midlands Chamber of Commerce and Kaplan, to bring a suite of professional apprenticeships at Level 2 and 3 in legal administration, business administration, team leading and customer services and Level 3 and higher qualifications in legal services, business administration and management.

Our team are nationally recognised in the law, business and management sectors both at strategic and operational levels, working with organisations across England, Wales and internationally to provide first class education, learning, skills and training in the commercial, public and private sectors. Our director Maureen Deary specialises in quality improvement consultancy and implanting successful strategic and operational cost efficient strategy and frameworks, is an national inspector inspecting all types of education, learning and skills in the private and public sectors across England and in Wales and has over thirty years in the schools, further higher education, workplace learning and commercial sectors and works with both government funded and privately funded contracts. Nigel Tomlinson is an international strategic adviser, consultant and trainer who works globally with significant experience of working with governments and international Chambers of Commerce. Simon Cohl is a trained lawyer and senior lecturer with over twenty years experience of education, learning and skills in the higher, further education and workplace learning employer led sector. Paul Haywood works in cost law and is an experienced assessor in administration, management and customer services.

As a team, our experience is high level, high quality but personable and supportive to help your workforce develop improved professional expertise, knowledge and services in your sector, who through our personalised and high standards of education, learning, skills, development and training will contribute more effectively to increased cost effectiveness and improve the quality of your services in your business.

Please use the following resources for further information:

Apprenticeships Learner Information and A Guide to Apprenticeships
Employer Guide to Apprenticeships
• Employer Guide to Higher Apprenticeships

You can also contact Maureen Deary (Director for HE/FE, Quality and Professional Development) on 07715 609414 or at maureen.deary@dominicregantraining.com

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